Reines Gewahrsein

The Key …. von Paul Lowe

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I have often been asked: what do you do, and what is your message.

I have concocted various answers over time, the latest being: Helping people to see how much they are conditioned, and to help them see the conditioning more clearly. Or something like that.

What I am really attempting to share is much simpler than that, and not at all new or unique. And, it seems, very hard to convey: This Is It; Be Here Now; Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


Wer bist Du? – Wirklich

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Wer bist Du?
Grenzenloses undefiniertes Gewahrsein
Reines Gewahrsein, völlig frei von Begrenztheit
Alle Indoktrination hinter sich gelassen, völlige Offenheit

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